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Domination is a more common sexual fetish than many people thin. But consider this. From time to time we all like someone else to take control in the bedroom and even a little bit of forceful direction is one form of domination. That in itself does not make it a fetish but it does illustrate the subtle ways in which domination can influence all our love play.

Of course what people would regard as true domination, the classical dominant controlling the sexual scenes, directing, restraining, maybe even punishing a partner is inextricably bound up with BDSM. So if you like a little domination, to dominate or to be dominated read some of the posts below.

My memory is great. I remember things in our relationship that didn't even happen.
My submissive bends to my will and my desire. He is pliant and willing. I am wanting.
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A domme answers questions about smelly feet, femdom footwear, fiction, and photos.
I was beautifully fucked by a hung dom police officer tonight.
While we were in the hotel we had such a sweet moment when the lady who cleaned our room neatly displayed my night collar on the bed.
when he asked to be dominated, he was disappointed with my performance
A happy birthday to my Master
Miss Rumpus reassures the world she still exists and shares thoughts on the hetero-normative expectations of FLRs.
I'm not always sure of myself