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Domination is a more common sexual fetish than many people thin. But consider this. From time to time we all like someone else to take control in the bedroom and even a little bit of forceful direction is one form of domination. That in itself does not make it a fetish but it does illustrate the subtle ways in which domination can influence all our love play.

Of course what people would regard as true domination, the classical dominant controlling the sexual scenes, directing, restraining, maybe even punishing a partner is inextricably bound up with BDSM. So if you like a little domination, to dominate or to be dominated read some of the posts below.

If you say 'pretty please' you're bound to get what you ask for, right? Or maybe not...
Nothing Really Matters is a lovely song, and one where the words might have a bigger meaning.
Master T had several tasks for me, but at the same time he wanted me to get more accustomed to deepthroating.
Hair pulling has unexpectedly entered into our kinky play, but not the kind of hair pulling you might be thinking!
Master T had several tasks for me, but He also wanted me to get more accustomed with deepthroating.
There's on particular high rise that is part of my very fond memories.
Sometimes sign language speak louder than when you hear the words.
I was sent the Strict Leather Vampire Paddle for an honest review.
We have a couple of implements that can be used for our version of blood games.
Dominance and submission was part of the dynamic between Master T and me from the beginning of our relationship.