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How do you turn on a Domme? What triggers a dominant's dominance?
Check-in about the apartment, the porn/fetish work, going to MAsT Conference, and educating on reproductive health with comments about the search for partners...
What advice do you have for a dominant woman going off to college? Study hard and learn lots. Fuck being a Domme. Be a student instead.
I wanted him to eat my every word. I wanted to shove them down his throat, to sit heavy in his stomach -- to fill him up and make him hungry, to nourish him and make him sick...
I love his tattoos, but I also hate them.
Itís the taste of copper on my tongue. Itís the memory of the first time I broke his skin and realized I wasnít playing anymore. Itís the memory of his face the first time he understood it was no longer a game.
Just another bit of Chael's and my end.
I tell my mom about decisions regarding my husband/ex-slave. Deal with his offers for inappropriate-now service. Look forward to an 800 needle temporary piercing project on 2-16-13.
I have an oh-so-domly break from the pain and tension of leaving my husband/slave.
I give notice that due to the nature of my ex-slave I will be password-protecting *some* of my blog posts, not all. If you aren't him and don't seem like a sock account (I know you from somewhere or google shows you've posted elsewhere on the internet before today) then message me through my contact page and I'll send you the password.