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In which Rodrick gets down to business.
In which the group makes it back to the wolves' stronghold and Rodrick gives another warning.
In which we learn more about Constantina's past.
Part 1 of a Paranormal Fantasy Domestic Discipline kinky romance between a werewolf and a geokinetic. Basically, some self-indulgent bullshit I'm entertaining myself with at work.
My first foray into spanko and domestic discipline erotica.
Todayís snippet comes from a short story I wrote a little while back for Winter Spanks. Iím planning on creating a book of short stories that are lighter on the kink and heavier on the domestic discipline in a F/f home like this one does.
The people who are involved in domestic discipline and power exchange relationships will often tell those who question their lifestyle choice that the addition of structure and discipline has brought them much closer. While there will always be naysayers and those who remain skeptical, those of us who live in these types of relationships will undoubtedly insist that itís true. The act of giving guidance, creating structure, holding someone accountable, seeing to their every need including the need for discipline, creates a special bond. There are no long periods of resentment, unresolved anger, or holding on to things that fester and gnaw at a relationship. Issues arise, they are handled in a way that both people find not only acceptable, but desirable, and the problem is laid to rest.
Todayís Saturday Spanks is from my historical romance, Lessons of Love. Jolie and Cole have been married much to her dismay, and now she is standing before him, naked and vulnerable on their wedding night.
Day 8 of the 30 days of submission BDSM meme. Discusses corporal punishment and spanking.
Day 7 of the 30 days of submission BDSM meme. Discusses discipline and punishments in my dynamic and how I feel about them.