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Scared, excited and happy to please.
Today in TGDPOTD, I am proud to feature one of the legendary ladies of Portland's adult theater scene, the amazing Koral. Koral and her hubby S have been contributing to The Journal for years, and their reports and pics are nothing but top shelf! You want pics of Koral as a naughty schoolgirl, they have submitted them. How about pics of Koral dogging? Yep, have them too. So kids, to get you through this hump day, The Good Doctor prescribes several Koral's to take at bedtime. No need to call me in the morning.
UPDATED SATURDAY at 9am! Doc here, and the big day has arrived! TONIGHT in Chicago's western burbs, Naughty Gras at 15th Ave. Adult Theater takes place, with your old friend in the white suit and aviators hosting. In my last update, I mentioned two special Physician's Assistants that will be joining us this evening at the event. Physician's Assistant #1 is someone Journal readers should be very familiar with..My good friend Stunt Slut Simone (check out one of her reports HERE), along with her hubby Mr. S, will be making their first 15th Ave. visit tonight, and she is super EXCITED!
Doc here, a man who some say was once a lighthouse keeper at Point der Busen, with a Field Report from that old sea dog himself, The Captain. Cappy is chiming in on the ongoing conversation regarding Adult World in Rennselaer, NY. The A-Team just commented on their finding, and now The Captain his two cents worth. Please welcome back to The Journal, with martini in hand, The Captain. Take it away, sir...
Word of warning dear readers, I will be asking for a little reader participation regarding this post. Alex and I both have cars, his new one is a dark colour and at the moment is covered in dried
Ever fancied sex (on the beach or anywhere come to that) with a celebrity? I think most people have. Few of us get to fulfill that fantasy. So what about the next best thing - sex with a lookey likey. It fills a hole in more than one way.
On the whole we’ve been lucky with our neighbours, but sadly it’s only after you move in to a property that you find out what
In my younger years most of my “courting” (as my parents would have called it) had to take place in the car. It was the only safe retreat for you and your
In my younger years most of my “courting” (as they called it in England) had to take place in the car. It was the only safe retreat for you and your partner to get a little hot