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In a distance relationship, one partner is always more responsible for the relationship than the other.
My submissive isn't allowed to leave things at my place.
I've always known how my relationship with my submissive boyfriend would end, and now I know when.
There's a good chance my submissive is moving away and we are breaking up. While I always knew this would happen, I didn't expect some of the emotions and impulses I'm having in advance of him leaving.
When he leaves, our break will be permanent.
I tend to over-complicate solutions to problems in our relationship. Recently, I've learned that sometimes less is more, even when it comes to communication.
It's tough being in a distance relationship. The feeling is difficult to describe. It's not quite anger and it's not the same as sadness.
Iím not high maintenance and I donít require constant attention. I donít even want constant attention. Iím busy, I like my space, and I value quality attention over quantity. In that regard, Iím well-suited for a distance relationship.