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when he asked to be dominated, he was disappointed with my performance
I previously talked about how disappointment cuts me emotionally. It means that I have failed her and the idea of failing her hurts me. When I have disappointed her, even if it really isn’t that deep, it almost feels the same to me as her looking at me and saying “mystic you have made me sorry that you are mine.” It may have been a small indiscretion and she may not feel that way at all, but her disappointment in me or actually me disappointing her *FEELS* that way. I hate it. I would rather be punched in the gut.
If you want someone bad enough, you'll make time for them.
I go through a rage that almost puts me in the hospital for potential violence and dangerously high blood pressure over Chael's recent admitting to horrible lies. Then the next morning he admits to more of them he hadn't told me about and that he'd lied again just yesterday.