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A brief story about the animalistic pleasure of being taken from behind.
Ghost hunter Lara gets a spirited visitation that leaves her begging for more, even as the ghosts have other ideas.
A bad girl gets a spanking from her daddy, and it pushes her to the edge.
the few phrases I say during sex but what I wish I would say
A bet leads to a sexy round of dirty talk in a pub.
Talking dirty is something that did not come natural to me, but I am more comfortable with it now than I have been in the past.
I rather like dirty talk.
I brought myself off at my desk using office stationery
Sometimes my submissive mumbles, babbles, and begs, but I know exactly what he means.
I go to have my nails done every 3 weeks, itís one of my indulgences, a treat for my hard work. The nail bar is part of a large hair