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I've been walking with this deep sadness in me for far too long, and it doesn't come only from my mom's passing but also because of the past 18 months.
A post about depression
What the outside world sees, is not always the whole story
A look at my past, how I deal with depression and taking medication, the reactions of my family and how this impacts orgasms and being a sex toy reviewer.
Crying is unique to humans, but so is the ability to romanticize crying. It requires little effort and garners few returns. So, go cry emo kid... but it won't make you feel any better.
This time of year has been particularly hard on me, but this year, it's been so uneventful that it's made me anxious. There's some sense of danger looming, but I'm not sure what it is.
But unfortunately, the rational part of my brain canít speak sense to the emotional part of my brain because the emotional part of my brain is too busy curled in the fetal position, crying in the corner. Sometimes, my emotional brain is a whiny little bitch who wonít listen to logic or reason.
As a black woman, I feel I have to hold the weight of the world on my shoulders. That's ridiculous. Even Superman needs help sometimes. So if you're going through some stuff, or know someone this might help, check this out
A man ponders getting back to the swingers clubs and nudist parks to help bring his wife out of her postpartum depression