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she fantasizes about her dance teacher
More bitch-slapping the female dominant stereotype. Miss Rumpus goes out and has a very silly time.
Miss Rumpus once again smashes the stereotype of the ever serious, cold and cruel dominatrix.
This might be the most excessive and exciting birthday party captured on high definition video ever, maybe even the greatest drunk girls movie at all (so far)!
A good reason to dance
Today Is Friday... make it a great one. Chill. Music.
A review of the fabulous dance troupe Brown Girls Burlesque. A must see event "Soul Train vs. Solid Gold".
It starts with a glance. Eyes meet from across the room. A quick movement of irises, left, right, up and down. A dance of vision. Coy smiles erupt. Cheeks burn with heat. Fingers run through hair. Does one dare traverse the distance?