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This week Wicked Wednesday is all about stones - milestones. I have completed a challenge and my book is available, A good week!!!
Real Sex Story: One normal girl, one hot part-time student model and his dull, boring, attractive friend. All the ingredients you need to brighten up a Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. How could it all go wrong?
What is the most raw, lewd, indecent this you have ever been asked to do by a client? Smutty, and seedy? (She takes a pose of mock offense) That right! Now dish it out for us, smut slut!
In my second year of university, I briefly worked as a text-chat girl. The rate was 8 pence for every text I sent. It doesn't sound like much, but with all those texts flooding in constantly over a period of a few hours, I was hoping I could at least build up the same kind of income as I would from a crappy part-time job I didn't have the time or desire to find. I figured I could quite literally study and earn money at the same time. Well... the fact is, that didn't happen. If you want the blunt truth, I made a measly 1.20 in a week. That's right. I sat beside my computer for five hours every day of that...
The VStroker is a device that enhances the experience of using your Fleshlight. The Vstroker allows users to interact with web-based content while masturbating