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Cyber sex is something that has only been possible because of the development of the Internet and World Wide Web. Of course before all of us were online there were phone chatlines and they do still survive but the combination of visual and aural stimulation provided by cyber sex is very compelling for some people.

Cyber sex is not limited to the commercial arena, far from it, as many cyber sexers simply contact like-minded people and enjoy the voyeuristic and exhibitionist aspects of getting hot and horny with someone at the other end of a webcam. So whether you IM, phone, email or webcam to get your cyber sex thrills you’re sure to find something in these blog posts to tickle your cyber fancy.

A morning booty call over Skype leads to her amazing orgasm.
Sci-fi was once the province of men, both as writers and creators, but also as avid consumers of the genre. With the notable exception of Mary Shelley (I’m sure someone will point out more) science fiction
Is “Dildonics” the worst idea in the world? I heard the phrase coined a decade ago by dot-com types desperate to find a niche in the blossoming web
Her butt cheeks were parted enough so he could see the light-brown opening of her puckered anus that she wanted Pipa to lick. That thought nearly tipped him over the edge. He pushed his wife and Rebecca from his mind and increased the speed and force of his thrusts. His hands shifted to her hips and helped him impale her on his cock. Rebecca’s moans intensified to a new level of appreciation, then grew louder still as he raised his hips slightly and pushed his cock down onto her G-Spot.
Jane’s moan as Tony entered her was stifled by his mouth pressing into hers. He broke his lips from hers and shifted his hips to penetrate her fully but found her not as deep as Pipa, perhaps Pipa had grown to accommodate him, or had she always been the perfect fit? He couldn’t remember. The thought of Pipa didn’t deter him from fucking Jane, in fact it made him even more excited. This was like being back at college, fun, exciting, new … not that Pipa wasn’t exciting … no, he wasn’t going to let guilt spoil this.
It's been a good year so far - lots of shopping and fucking .. just the way I like it!
Had a lot going on and most of it was sex related!
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Rejecting a customer. He asked for it.