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The veins in her wrists scream angrily as the hunger drives the intensity of her grip around the handle that wields the blade. The light dances across the tip of the blade. The blade that threatens to cut me piece by piece and leaves my soul exposed for the taking. My eyes linger from her form, to the knife, to meet her eyes and I feel the darkness slowly edging in. An unspoken communication exchanged between us and I discard my fears at her feet. I swallow, kneel with my eyes cast down, and offer up my arms to her. I offer a new layer of skin, my complete submission. “Take it please” I whisper opening myself up.
Rumpus goes off about the misinformation given by many blood/sharps play "experts" and educators in the BDSM scene and links to solid information on disinfectants.
Pics and video of RumpusParable decorating her husband/slave Chael for the holidays using Christmas decorations, surgical staples, hypodermic needles, and a scalpel. Warning: medical, sharps, and blood play images!