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I was asked a few days ago a pretty obvious question, “Are men who visit escorts cheaters?”
There were a million reasons why my marriage broke down - but kink wasn't one of them
Better definition of a Sybarite than previous post
Mrs. Kelly’s been neglectful of her Daddy’s needs and had to earn her black dick.
Mrs. Kelly’s impotent cuck daydreams about giving up his place in her life. Mrs. Kelly has a different idea.
Mrs. Kelly goes wild when her black lover nibbles her titties. When her cuck hubby tries, she just laughs.
A tease for bitch-boy
Mrs. Kelly submits big time to her Black Master… photos and all.
Mrs. Kelly wonders to whom her pussy belongs.
Mrs. Kelly loves to suck her Black Daddy’s cock. Poor cucky’s limp thingy is totally ignored.