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I was asked a few days ago a pretty obvious question, “Are men who visit escorts cheaters?”
Does femdom lead to cuckolding? What happens if you don't want to be your Dominant Wife's bitch boy?
It's April 3rd, so the letter of the day for the A-Z Challenge is "C". As we continue our exploration of Kink from A to Z we find that "C" is for Cuckold!
Modern day cuckoldry is something different from what it was many years ago. Nowadays cuckoldry is a kink.
Better definition of a Sybarite than previous post
Mrs. Kelly's black lover paid her a visit on Saturday night. Her poor cuckolded hubby was locked in a cage under the bed.
More nasty presents for him
Mrs. Kelly's cuck watches awestruck as she surrenders to the power of her black lover.
In the end, everyone–kinky or vanilla–is motivated by some form of desire. My desire is for my partner–to possess him and consume him; and also, for his emotional well-being, his physical/sexual satisfaction, and for the pleasure his mind and body can provide me.
we meet another couple in an open triad relationship!