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A torrent of fear cascades down my cheeks, feral, unrelenting, a visual descriptive of the narrative within. His aura surrounds me, crimson, charred, pulsing in time with his cruel sadistic heart.
I just can't tell if somebody loves me unless I can make them cry.
Exhausted, I'll go upstairs, wank, and think of you.
Crying is unique to humans, but so is the ability to romanticize crying. It requires little effort and garners few returns. So, go cry emo kid... but it won't make you feel any better.
I think I need a good cry, but the tears just won't come. At least the inability to produce tears gives me something to focus my frustration on.
My first experience with being suspended by hooks, helping me to put my past behind me, heal, and to look more to the future.
"Breaking" a submissive means different things to different people. It can mean deep subspace, giving up resistance, emotional catharsis, or extreme breaking that changes people.
Talk about the move that will separate us physically after the divorce, talk about without me running things Chael has started doing again bad health habits that I controlled before, talk about potential slaves in NYC
I give notice that due to the nature of my ex-slave I will be password-protecting *some* of my blog posts, not all. If you aren't him and don't seem like a sock account (I know you from somewhere or google shows you've posted elsewhere on the internet before today) then message me through my contact page and I'll send you the password.
Divorce paperwork and lawyer meeting about my husband/slave. Related panic attack. Jonesy and other stuff.