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In the kitchen earlier something occurred to me…. I had Chael kneel and hug me around the waist like we sometimes do. With our heights that puts his face exactly between my breasts.
With every strike--I lost count--I could feel his weight shift, feel the blows shake my thighs and vibrate all the way to up into my cunt. I grew hopelessly wet, hitting him harder and harder, eventually I struck him for nothing more than the jolt it supplied to my cunt. At some point, he morphed from being human into some sort of object-obstacle standing between my hand and my clit, all at once providing stimulation while being equally annoying and in the way. I tried to beat through him to get to me.
Photoshoot - I'm wearing a pair of Her panties from the “Presence by Debenhams” range!
Breaking up is hard to do but it can be fun and funny.