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My naughty Halloween pics in my Robin costume
This week's Wicked Wednesday entry. Photo Gallery story
What goes well with SM play? Wine of course! Not just any wine but a wine called 'Sexual Chocolate'. Check out this fun S&M video to promote wine.
I have to admit that I'm addicted to Gothic Lolita Wigs. They have some of the best quality wigs around, and they're absolutely stunning. Check out this mint wig that I'll be using in the future for my fursona cosplay! Special coupon code and pictures of me wearing it included!
Calling all cosplay artists and companies! This is your chance to get some extra exposure. If you can provide me with anything that I need in my list, you'll be compensated with a review and lots of links!
Check out my review of my latest wig made by Rock Star Wigs, from Gothic Lolita Wigs! It's two-tone, honey on one side, chocolate on the other. Lots of pictures, details, and a special promo code just for my readers!
The wonderful folks over at let me review their gorgeous Black & Electric Blue Duplicity Wig! Check out my review for amateur modeling pics!
Plenty of sight gags in this review! Harry Potter cosplay and Ed, Edd, n' Eddy references!
I finally turned hubby into a sexy werewolf with fangs courtesy of Nightmare Factory! Check out his before and after pics and learn about the process of customizing them!