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Consent and the intimate body part photo
This is the story of Master Douglas, a Belgian Dom who tells me stories from his life, and which I translate for this blog, with his permission.
changing a memory of being tied
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The C is for Control, Consent, Collars, Clamps, Crops and Canes.
Discussing writing dubious consent romance for kink of the week and wicked wednesday.
A reader asks what to do when his dominant pushes his hard limits without consent.
Discussing my unfortunate habit of "sexual politeness" and how I have always approached my personal consent
The word of the week is: Consensual Slave.
50 Shades of Grey. Alas, it is a subject that fills me with cold dread and white-hot anger… but it is a subject that is very important to me and I feel that it is somewhat my duty as a practicing member of the BDSM community to voice my concerns about this worldwide phenomenon that has enraptured so many well-meaning women.
A Guest post from @domsigns about how our D/s relationship is nothing like that of the recent BDSM trial in Ireland