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The word of the week is: Kajirus.
The word of the week is: Kajira.
La kajira. I am a pleasure slave. So of course I knew that Master would enjoy Kung Fu Panda despite his insistence that he would not.
Question 57: What is "slave speak"? Do I have to make my slave use it?
The word of the week is: Pleasure Slave.
Miss Rumpus reassures the world she still exists and shares thoughts on the hetero-normative expectations of FLRs.
Addressed is the unhealthy and unrealistic scene theme of dominant as the dangerous hunters to be wary of and submissives the hapless prey that need protection from them... Tied in with the realities of the above not being always the case is a personal life example of this being reversed and how then how it relates to those who claim to have no limits when they do.
Check-in about the apartment, the porn/fetish work, going to MAsT Conference, and educating on reproductive health with comments about the search for partners...
Miss Rumpus talks about an amusing trend in her fetish clips, the search for a good sub or slave, and gives some information on bra fitting and care for those who are service-oriented.
Touching base, Miss Rumpus talks about expectations and realities of her and being a dominant.