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All of a sudden he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock asking me to just rub the tip through his jeans
It's something I do not do that much anymore, due to circumstances, but going commando is a favorite thing and it makes me feel so damn sexy and naughty.
Erotic fiction in a military setting, co-written with a friend. This is part 18 of The Instructor.
Tom and I went on another delicious adventure when we were creating photos for the blog. This one included the shot for the public page. Find out what we got up to by reading on...
Why do I say that? Because women have super-powers. And no, I am not referring any of the jokes you may have heard about them getting wet without water, bleeding without a cut, making boneless meat hard, or making guys eat without cooking food. No! I mean honest to goodness, seemingly defying the laws of physics, quasi-supernatural SUPER-FUCKING-POWERS!