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Cock teasing after too many cocktails.
Sunday cocksucking
Wicked Wednesday
Mrs. Kelly’s been neglectful of her Daddy’s needs and had to earn her black dick.
Mrs. Kelly’s cuckold becomes the sissy whore he really is.
Hy finally admits she can cum.
Mrs. Kelly loves to suck her Black Daddy’s cock. Poor cucky’s limp thingy is totally ignored.
After years of dominating her submissive cuckold husband, Mrs. Kelly begins submitting in earnest to her black lover.
Mrs. Kelly's cuck is humiliated at a party when she abandons him for her black lover.
The hesitation, knowing he might not want this, it made me ache to pry him open and shove my cock down his throat as far as it would go. My head spun with the want to make him take it, to fuck his face, to fuck his head against the wall until it hurt.