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Hearing a specific number can bring back memories of other times, of things you have done, of people who are special to you.
I still remember the first squirt - the first time ever that fluids sprayed from my cunt when I had an orgasm. I only later learned what it's called.
Bukkake is the topic for Kink of the Week and where at first I wasn't going to participate, I actually had something to say about it.
I had several orgasms at the hand of Master T, but then decided to play on my own too. Something happened, but did I orgasm?
This time Kink of the week is all about vibrators and I decided to give out my own Vibe Awards, where I tell you which ones are my favorite.
On a lazy Saturday morning I played with my Womanizer Pro, got down on my knees and eventually I was surprised and overwhelmed by my orgasm.
The title of this post is exactly the words that were used in a Google search and which had brought readers to my blog. When I saw those words, I involuntarily clenched my legs together, almost feeling the burn of the ginger in my clit, while at the same time longing for it.
The topic for the Kink of the Week meme is semen. I am sharing my thoughts on sucking, swallowing and smearing.
He marked me when he masturbated and came over my breasts.
Another post for The Menopause Diaries, this time about orgasms and libido. Do you have stories to share? Please do!