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Addressed is the unhealthy and unrealistic scene theme of dominant as the dangerous hunters to be wary of and submissives the hapless prey that need protection from them... Tied in with the realities of the above not being always the case is a personal life example of this being reversed and how then how it relates to those who claim to have no limits when they do.
Ten things you didn't know about me. Includes completely useless facts, including my celebrity crushes, my history of singing at funerals ,and my favorite power tool.
I wanted to write today about my past. I've been kinda self-conscious about writing too much about my childhood. Especially now that I know others are reading. When I started this blog, it was like a window into a dark room that exists in my mind. I tell myself, it wasn't abuse, or even that serious. Some people are beaten, starved and worse as kids.