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Review of the newest HolyTrainer v3. Much stealthier this time!
The Vice chastity review. The anti-pullout is a must-have @lockedinlust
Review of the Holy Trainer v2 Chastity device
There's something about a chastity device and Master T not allowing any access to his property without his explicit permission that intrigues me.
slave caged 456 is forever to be locked in a custom built chastity cage called the watchful mistress. the cage depth will only be 11/4 inches,allowing slave caged no room for an erection.
Guys who deny themselves orgasms are the hottest thing on the planet. Here's why
a Tumbler caption site by me
The smallest thing can start the humiliation process for my little hubby. He hardly needs me. He can do it all by himself.
Mrs. Kelly's slave recalls how he almost derailed the whole thing.