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Whenever someone types ZZZ in a text, you know that they mean 'sleep'. There are even emoticons with ZZZ in it, indicating sleep.
Sometimes I have a yearning for a whipping, sometimes for a fucking and sometimes only to be held and loved. I write about what I yearn for.
XXX typed into Google gives you an entire list of porn sites, which are filled with explicit photos and videos. I like to believe that my blog is different.
Being wet can come from many things. Sometimes it's because I am touched, other times because I see someone I really fancy.
When I speak about my pussy I include everything in that one term: the labia, the clitoris and also the vagina, the opening where I love to be fucked.
There was a time when I wore no knickers, and preferably no underwear at all. Nowadays I wear it every day, but mostly the functional version.
Testicles, or balls, are intriguing things. I love to see how hard Master T's cock get when stroke his balls with my nails.
When I hear the word 'rubber', I think of condoms and the way in all my fifty years on this planet, I have not yet learned how to put one on a man.
I fantasize about quickies quite frequently, but will it ever happen or do I prefer to take my time when it comes to sex?
There are different ways of penetration and different holes to be penetrated. I love to be penetrated, but not all the ways bring me to orgasm.