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a form of censorship you havenít had
With reports of email censorship on its iCloud service Apple may be taking its responsibilities for content held
My post on Trigger Warnings: what they're for, why they matter and why people shouldn't complain about them. Inspired by a Wicked Wednesday prompt.
Some people want trigger warnings on literature and blogs, others don't. What is your opinion on this?
A round-up of interesting things I have found on the internet
Slippery slopes in the UK rape porn debate
On why the UK censorship legislation is not the same as thought policing and defense of rape fantasy is misleading.
I take issue with some arguments against criminalization of rape porn in the UK. I introduce a series and offer several caveats about what will follow.
A post about internet censorship in the UK and a call for action
Following suite with Blogger, Yahoo owned Tumblr quietly silences adult blogs.