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A salem witch takes a page out of the Malleus Maleficarum and steals a good reverend's penis.
"The sweetest smile hides such cruel intentions." Each morning, a submissive boy endures an intimate ritual of pain, lust, and humiliation. A ritual which serves to both mark and remind the submissive he's collared and owned by his Domme.
CBT is not for me... and luckily not for him too
The E-Stim Python is an electro-compression device from E-Stim systems deisgned specifically to squash and apply a stimulating
Thoughts about CBT
First time dominating a guy and boy, was he up for it!
People found my website by searching for sadistic cereals, CBT, and duck duck goose. WTF?!
Volume 6 of my journals now published and details of how to obtain it
Teasing desperate bitch-boy
A day of orgasms and sadism