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A submissive needs a caning...
The conclusion of Abby's vacation spanking, featuring tawsing, caning, and a brave bottom discovering a new position.
A flashback to a post from 2007, featuring the first ever photos of my caned bottom.
excerpt: "Breathe into the sensation. Long, deep breaths. Sigh, moan, or cry out if you want. Let your voice and your breath flow. Tell me if you want me to go faster or slower. If you want me to go harder or lighter. Feel free to touch yourself. You are welcome to come when you are ready, if you are ready. This is for you." "Yes, Sir," I breathed, my entire body tingling as he began the tapping rhythm again, this time with the canes falling one after the other after the other, back and forth, percussively coaxing a pink blush to the surface of my skin. I could feel the warmth rising even without seeing the change of tone.
A fantasy about a female apple thief getting caught by a farmer becomes intertwined with a real life spanking session for Abby.
Our review of the rattan cane with suede handle, sent to us by Uberkinky for an honest review.
Submissive caned...
Have you ever thought about how you can practice BDSM in silence, so other people in the house don't hear you?
Master T wondered about my boundaries when one night He grabbed my throat and I almost instantly entered subspace.
Posture training is a daily part of our lives, while I train to hold a submissive position for at least ten minutes.