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Rayne's weekly look at things that make her happy. This week, a human heart cake! So awesome.
Hello readers, or as I like to call you, disciples. For a very long time now, as I have travelled the land spreading my wisdom and experience, many thousands of submissives have repeatedly come up to me and asked “How can we be more like you?” or “You are so obviously the perfect submissive, how can we attain such perfection?” Well of course dear novices, the answer to the second question is easy, you cannot.
Just another bit of Chael's and my end.
As submissives, we live for the after-care, the loving, the comforting, the rewarding. In other words, the CAKE! Let’s face it, we do it for the cake. After we’ve suffered at the hands of our tormentors, how can they possibly refuse us the CAKE?