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I try out my first metal butt plug, with this gem-decorated beauty from Kinky Desires
A submissive boy is kept isolated and sense deprived to soften him up for the humiliating, harsh, and painful training to come. This is a sample chapter of a novella-in-progress.
Thoughts on the EU referendum, the happy announcement and comes boobs for boobday
I have tried several butt plugs until I came across the Njoy series. Ever since I have used nothing else.
We also have some beautiful golden butt plugs in our toy box!
I was gifted a set of beautiful Rianne S. booty plugs.
Tips and advice on how to wear a butt plug
I absolutely adore my Njoy plugs and sometimes I even show them off!
I love wearing my plug, but being plugged as punishment is definitely not on my list of things I love.
I get quite a lot of hits where people use 'anal hook' in their searches, so I thought it was time to say some more about anal hooks.