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a bushy photo for sinful sunday/day 27 of #FebPhotoFest
This past Monday, I went to Hippie Hollow for the first time with two close friends. The view was gorgeous, and we felt so free swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking completely nude...
Self portrait, in-camera double exposure Day 28 of #FebPhotoFest
An abstract shot for Day 6 of #FebPhotoFest
(Self-portrait) Today is the 1st day of #FebPhotoFest, a month long photo challenge started by Molly. Come back every day during February to see a new sensual/erotic image!
Proudly sporting my Stockroom shirt (and bush!) I’m also posting this as “graffiti” for Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.
Another (self portrait) with my beloved Pure Wand
A bushy self portrait for Sinful Sunday.
Ever since I saw Molly's beautiful Challenging Sexy image, I've wanted to try a menstrual photo. And when I saw the "women" prompt this month, I actually hoped my period would come early, so I could take some bloody shots...and it did!
That's a lot of bush, but do you notice anything missing?