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The first bullet I've owned that actually delivers the power I need!
I was intrigued to know exactly how the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead would perform. Itís Leloís attempt at a combining what
Your Easy Egg will be delivered to you in a no fuss matt black box with preview panel inset in the front so you can see your new toy. The rear of the box
Tenga products are synonymous with male masturbatory products but more recently they have made a move
Sh! Has a pedigree going back to 1992 and has fostered a culture of sexual awareness and education as well as providing a thoughtfully
This bullet vibrator is simple and fun. Powered by a single AAA battery its bunny-styled body is aimed at the fun end of the vibrator market. Handy for a
Despite my hatred for tiny bullets and cell batteries, I still wanted to like the Little Secrets Spoon. I love Tantus, it was my first orange toy (score!) and even though itís a cell battery operated bullet, at least itís covered in high quality, non-porous silicone. But it wasnít meant to be...
Full of candy buttons and bullet vibes
Want to know why I hate bullets so much?