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When an ex brings a Christmas present, and I let him give me even more.
I drunk emailed the boy. Things aren't going well.
My subconscious can't do anything with sad, angry emotions.
If I didn't hold back, I might spit diamonds.
I gave one of the rings to him to hold onto for me. If our paths ever cross again, I want to put the rings back on the collar and the collar back on the boy -- my boy.
I've been having a rough time recently. I'm not sure what to say about it.
In BDSM, kinky arts and crafts require bolt cutters and lots of cocktails. Also, I'm drunk.
I hoped I would handle this with grace and composure. I'm not.
We're breaking up. I can't throw my submissive's collar away and I can't give it to him. Instead, I'll make it into something else.
What happens to a D/s collar after a breakup? Does the dominant keep it? The submissive? I finally figured it out.