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If she says she doesn't want a Valentine's Day gift, don't get her a Valentine's Day gift.
In a distance relationship, one partner is always more responsible for the relationship than the other.
I want to Domme him. I want him to be submissive. In the absence of that, I engage in sad, angry masturbation.
My submissive says he doesn't want another dominant after me. The selfish part of me hopes he's telling the truth.
Since my submissive will be spending more time at my place, he has new rules and routines to follow for his collar, grooming, and other behavior.
Sometimes it's the Domme's fault for not getting what she wanted, especially when she pushed it away for so long. For the record, being aggressive doesn't mean a struggle.
A conversation about titty fucking. For the record, women don't like titty fucking.
How do you encourage your boyfriend or girlfriend to try new things and be more kinky in the bedroom?
There's a good chance my submissive is moving away and we are breaking up. While I always knew this would happen, I didn't expect some of the emotions and impulses I'm having in advance of him leaving.
When he leaves, our break will be permanent.