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It's been ages since I have last been spanked and somehow the last days a spanking has definitely been on my mind. I think I need one.
Walking away from Master T while he is taking photos of me, and of course of my backside. These were also made during a special weekend.
It's something I do not do that much anymore, due to circumstances, but going commando is a favorite thing and it makes me feel so damn sexy and naughty.
First my bottom was spanked to a rosy pink color and then the Doxy massager was pressed against my cunt and brought me to orgasm.
We recently tested some lovely UV candles which left their beautiful rainbow colors on my naked skin. I love the artful images Master T had taken.
I took an image from a series which showed marks after an intense session. I changed it to a black and white image and love the result.
That day I had to count my orgasms and to keep count, I used pencil and paper. When I added up all the numbers, I came to a total of eighty!
This beautiful bejeweled butt plug of four centimeters in diameter has been in our toy box for quite some time, but we don't use it much.
Some years ago I won the Fifty Shades of Grey crop, but it hasn't been used much since then. It has quite a sting to it, which I like.
There is something really magical about seeing the blood on my bottom when the vampire gloves were used, or the vampire paddle.