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boob day photo
I tweeted: I love rope bondage and would love to be tied again, by a good rigger. If the bondage includes suspension, even better!
Reading my tweets, I wanted to show how I grew in sex over the fifty years of my life. Here I am highlighting several things during my life.
Even without my red dress, I still feel like the Lady in Red. I love looking at my breasts, whether covered by fabric or not.
A day alone in the office had me playing around in the building to find some scavenger hunt locations, such as this one at the coffee machine.
I had to buckle up, but that meant when I flashed my nipple in the car, I was definitely doing it in a safe way. Did I distract anyone?
There are different ways for a body to float. In this image I look like I am floating in the air, even though I was hanging in ropes.
The original image didn't only show my breasts with clamps on my nipples, but also my Histoire d'O collar, which I love to wear!
I played around with a photo editing app on my telephone and some photos I have made. I find this one quite interesting and pretty.
Sometimes showing nothing can be just as sexy as showing a bit more. Today, for Boobday, I am showing nothing more than my cleavage.