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Passionate poetry
A historical Scavenger hunt
This week's TMI Tuesday focuses on taboo and fantasy! Included: age play, nappies, ticklish spots on my body and whether I'd trade my head for good sex!
My eleventh Kink of the Week post, this time talking about fellatio: blowjobs, giving head - whatever you call it, it's here!
Look closely at the castle
My tenth Kink of the Week post. Talks about spanking; my feelings on how it feels, what kinds I like and a cheeky photo ;)
My ninth Kink of the Week post! This time dealing with hoods; my first and only experience so far!
My eighth Kink of the Week post! This time dealing with protocol; what rituals Daddy and I have, how I feel when I forget them and some mushy stuff too!
My seventh Kink of the Week post! The topic is forniphilia (human furniture) and I talk about some similar yet different experiences I have had.
My sixth Kink of the Week post! This time I discuss exhibitionism and share a photo of myself naked at my computer.