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These are “double self portraits” (Self portraits of me holding a self portrait)
Good boy, Sam. Day 19 of February Photofest
(Self portrait)- day 17 of February Photofest
(Self portrait) This is my image for day 16 of February Photofest. One of my goals for the month was to put my own spin on a photograph I admire, and while this image doesn’t emulate a specific photo, it was inspired by Francesca Woodman‘s work.
(Self portrait) Day 12 of February Photofest
This is my image for day 10 of February Photofest and my first photo of Fireman Sam (more to come!)
(Self portrait) This is my image for day 9 of February Photofest.
My image for Sinful Sunday & day 8 of February Photofest