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The prompt for this month's Sinful Sunday is the letter E, and I have chosen to share an image showing emotion, but also because I think it's beautiful.
Sinful Sunday entry. Black and white erotic close up photograph.
A sinful sunday entry based on the prompt overexposed. A black and white erotic image in caged lingerie with crop.
A Sinful Sunday entry. Black and white erotic photograph which may or may not be a little too risque.
Black and white erotic photo of Aurora Glory, with ringleader theme. A sinful sunday entry.
Master T made some images of me while he stood over me. This is one of those images and I just love the view of my body, as well as this new edit.
My world has been turned topsy-turvy and I may sometimes need a moment alone to gather my thoughts and replenish my strength.
Spooky self portraits for Halloween Sinful Sunday!
A Polaroid self port4rait for this week’s Mirrors Sinful Sunday prompt
This week's Sinful Sunday photo features a nude Polaroid!