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Whether its bisexual girls or bisexual boys you are looking for the posts are here. Girls who are bi-curious, men who like it both ways they all want to tell you about their fantasies and realities in the blog posts below.

Sexuality is not fixed, it’s not gay or straight, we are all a mixture of the two, and when you’re somewhere in the middle and like to fuck with men and women then you know the pleasure that can be had from being a bisexual being.

AJ and Roxie detail their 2nd account with Brian in the early days when AJ was Straight. Now bi-sexual they want to take it further in gay sex.
AJ Raves about the 3-way kiss with other gay and bisexual men
AJ Rants about having sex with gay men
Roxie rants about what she and AJ want out of a sexual partner when they bring in a third. Discusses younger vs. older men
The last part of the dentist fantasy... what can happen when you are at the dentist
A puppy under the tree. If I’m good there’ll be treats right?
"Filthy Leuker" will be released by Romance Divine on December 9, 2011. It's the sequel to "Feral Heat", my m/m bisexual werewolf erotic romance.
What can happen if you go to the dentist... other than having your teeth checked or worked on, that is...
Photoshoot - I'm wearing a pair of Her panties from the “Presence by Debenhams” range!
Her butt cheeks were parted enough so he could see the light-brown opening of her puckered anus that she wanted Pipa to lick. That thought nearly tipped him over the edge. He pushed his wife and Rebecca from his mind and increased the speed and force of his thrusts. His hands shifted to her hips and helped him impale her on his cock. Rebecca’s moans intensified to a new level of appreciation, then grew louder still as he raised his hips slightly and pushed his cock down onto her G-Spot.