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Whether its bisexual girls or bisexual boys you are looking for the posts are here. Girls who are bi-curious, men who like it both ways they all want to tell you about their fantasies and realities in the blog posts below.

Sexuality is not fixed, itís not gay or straight, we are all a mixture of the two, and when youíre somewhere in the middle and like to fuck with men and women then you know the pleasure that can be had from being a bisexual being.

we meet another couple in an open triad relationship!
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Sometimes I've regretted the way that I treated a man. I have to admit that I was often picky about the wrong things, or too quick to discard someone who did not meet some demand that I had.
A woman writes in wondering about the idea of having a threesome with another woman which would not involve her husband actually playing with the other woman
I just have one thing to say. Please comment. I know someone is reading this, but no one ever leaves comments. I feel kinda vulnerable here and I wonder what others think about the stuff I've been writing.
For a month now, I've been trying to find a female friend I can take things slow with. Hear me well, there is no shortage of cute guys willing to have sex with me. There does seem to be a dearth of eligible ladies.
Trying to be happy while my wife and our boyfriend are happy just doesn't work out.
Sexy, erotic tale of beautiful ebony women devouring wife's pussy of a married couple while husband watches.
Our process after he made her ejaculate in a shuddering earthquake orgasm.
Riding him deep and hard, he hits that special spot, and she explodes, unexpectedly