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Whether its bisexual girls or bisexual boys you are looking for the posts are here. Girls who are bi-curious, men who like it both ways they all want to tell you about their fantasies and realities in the blog posts below.

Sexuality is not fixed, itís not gay or straight, we are all a mixture of the two, and when youíre somewhere in the middle and like to fuck with men and women then you know the pleasure that can be had from being a bisexual being.

More about my feelings regarding the first bisexual encounter in years...
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A fantasy of two bisexual women having fun together in a public restroom.
Feelings of excitement, nerves and horniness before a playdate with another woman... exploring together.
The implications of excess...
We have hot anal sex while she has her period every month.
What is your boudoir like? How sexy do you get in the bedroom? Ever been tied up to the bed?
The true and explicit story of our first 69, and then later her peiod puts a damper on the festivities.
It takes her fifteen minutes, but she is able to suck him until he comes. Wish she'd do that for me!
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