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Whether its bisexual girls or bisexual boys you are looking for the posts are here. Girls who are bi-curious, men who like it both ways they all want to tell you about their fantasies and realities in the blog posts below.

Sexuality is not fixed, itís not gay or straight, we are all a mixture of the two, and when youíre somewhere in the middle and like to fuck with men and women then you know the pleasure that can be had from being a bisexual being.

Most guys will tell you they like a bit of lesbian porn. Thereís something hot and unthreatening about two women getting it on for you to watch. Iím not saying
sexual confessions, insights, and a humorous take on fucking...oops fornication
There is a disparity between bisexuals, specifically between bisexual men and bisexual women. Bisexual men are predominantly seen (in my experience in the offline world) as perverted, mixed up or closet homosexuals.
This time the subject of my kink shame & pride post is about insecurities. What triggers your insecurities?
Talking about the process I had gone through to accept the fact that I am bisexual by nature.
Itís a common enough male fantasy Ė that you can turn your woman bisexual with the right coercion but is it true? Personally I donít think so because
Horny and I have had a very busy week at work we have hardly had time to make conversation other than discussing aspects of work. I canít wait for Busty to come
Sorry for the title you can blame Kim Wilde for that one. Lol The reason I mention her is because just the other day Alex wrote a post about her
How I got kidnapped by lesbians and loved it! 3 girls make out at a cookout giving a show then later put on any orgy.
An upcoming meeting sparks a special fantasy...