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Whether its bisexual girls or bisexual boys you are looking for the posts are here. Girls who are bi-curious, men who like it both ways they all want to tell you about their fantasies and realities in the blog posts below.

Sexuality is not fixed, it’s not gay or straight, we are all a mixture of the two, and when you’re somewhere in the middle and like to fuck with men and women then you know the pleasure that can be had from being a bisexual being.

Real Sex Story: On the verge of turning 30 and having befriended a beautiful teen Irish model new in London. My efforts to assist him rub in tanning lotion had me partaking in some barely legal fun with a sexually confused gorgeous boy.
5 ˝ months of the 6 will entail hardcore partying, endless orgies, night -n- days of sleep deprivation, and yes, a fuck load of debauchery!! Get ready my darling lewders, cause X has temporarily left the building and Miss #Ruckus has taken over!
Fair warning that this is going to be a rant bitch fest post. I have already sort of been ranting about this on twitter but not specifically said what it was that I have been frustrated about lately. First I wish to give a disclaimer for this post. This post is in no way meant to offend anyone of any gender or sexual preference choice it is simply my frustration with seeking a partner in the lifestyle. In no way do I judge others for there race, gender, sexual preference, and so forth. And now that we have that straight here is my problem…
I am laying out in the field, sunbathing naked, enjoying the warm breeze on my body, when I suddenly notice a mixed group of guys and girls standing over me.
My first bisexual MMF threesome in over 6 years. With two hot older men one afternoon...
Two bisexual girls enjoying each other's bodies... what better thing can there be?
Ask me anything you like as long as it’s sex or kink related
College experimentation: sex, drugs, bisexuality, alcohol Were those the good ol' days?
A sex fantasy about a man seeing two couples walking by and his thoughts once they have disappeared.
A short fantasy fiction story.