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Testicles, or balls, are intriguing things. I love to see how hard Master T's cock get when stroke his balls with my nails.
When I got my first three VixSkin dildos (Buck, Johnny, & Tex), in my early notes for Johnny I wrote: Girthy. Delicious. Maybe my fave of the three. After months of using them all, Buck ended up winning the battle for my absolute favorite, but I still love Johnny as well.
Movember awareness for prostate cancer and men's health. TMI Tuesday questions are all moustache related but sexy!
Prostate cancer and men's health awareness. Ways to get involved on your blog, participate in TMI Tuesday, and win prizes. Movember happens all around the world.
Fuck that, indeed.
Good hygiene is a must before sexy time. Keep your balls, tits and feet fresh with special products highlighted here.
food that honor the penis in name, shape, and possibly
humorous images tell the story of a slutty submissive woman
You can get a hefty fine for displaying genitals from a vehicle because genitalia are offensive says one S.C. Sheriff.
Flash back to one year ago to a hilarious post teaching women about the proper way to gaze upon a man's balls and what men should expect or how to present the balls.