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This past Monday, I went to Hippie Hollow for the first time with two close friends. The view was gorgeous, and we felt so free swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking completely nude...
I didn’t really know what to expect from queer, anarcha-feminist activist and performance artist Diana J Torres’ Vagaculation workshop at Forbidden Fruit...
Read/see pics about my 1st time tanning topless at Barton Springs. :)
New post in which I ponder why men can go topless while women generally can't, and break that rule.
I couldn't resist making a gif out of a couple of my Eeyore's Birthday photos. :)
I flash my tits for Eeyore's Birthday/Sinful Sunday/the Scavenger Hunt ;)
A post about the custom Sidewalk Smut that Cameryn Moore wrote for Jake and I and my friend Nicole.
A post about Sabra johnSin's Back to Burlesque show at Haven in Austin.
A post about Cameryn Moore's amazing slut (r)evolution performance in Austin.
A post about how Jake and I met for our 4 year anniversary.