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A bit of short fiction about bumping into an ex, with bonus audio recording
Then I feel it. His hands brushing across my shoulders as he reaches up to the back of my neck and gathers the thickness of my long dark hair. His fingers become entwined in the strands. Carefully and gently he reaches through the rebellious and wild pieces that have become entangled from our play. He moves them away revealing my face; with his finger pulls one last strand that has become caught between my lips and his shaft.
audio would convey more of what Iím trying to express
Cat discusses & shares her dark side through written post along with a 20 minute podcast about this week's wicked Wednesday prompt of "disturbing films."
Late for the kink of the week which is fellatio. A lady never talks with her mouth full.
A beautiful poem read by Ferns herself
[podcast] Cat shares her brief written opinion about the whole Anthony Wiener drama.
Cat answers another crazy question from & uses this as another installment of #audiomo.
Cat shares her thoughts on this week's kink "clothespins." [audio 7:59] There are also a few photos of Cat, a clothespin & her "door knocker"
Cat wants to know what YOUR preference is. Listening or reading erotica.