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Are there health or hygiene issues involved in performing cunnilingus and analingus in the same session? In other words, is it safe to lick an asshole and then lick a pussy?
I wasn't sure about receiving analingus, but after my submissive talked me into it, I absolutely adore ass worship. It's pure bliss.
The title is misleading. I have no fucking idea how you’re supposed to shave your own asshole… but I tried... and failed.
When I have a “relaxed” orgasm (as opposed to the ones I have to force through a series of complicated and intense isometric muscle tensing exercises) my whole body sort of vibrates, shakes, and bounces a little… kinda like a Bumble Ball.
The ultimate erotic fantasy -- oral slave at an all-girl party.
...or how I spent my Friday night. Sexy, explicit photos too.