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Anal sex is one of the most taboo sexual practices and therefore one of the most exciting and intriguing for many people. Like all forbidden fruit it entices and confuses so make sure you understand what can be a very satisfying form of sex before you attempt it. Donít believe everything you see in porn. Anal sex, especially when you first try it takes time, care and patience Ė oh and lots of lube!

So enjoy these blogs about anal sex we are sure youíll get hot and horny as our members recount their views and experiences of anal sex.

Mr Hyde comes home from a trip.
A prostate stimulator that is not entirely what it claims to be.
The Deluxe Perfect Plug from Pipedreamís anal fantasy collection is made from a single piece of seamless silicone. Its length is
What does a strawberry and a butt plug have in common?
A great black dildo from Tantus! Did I say it was great?
Right now I am co-sponsoring a giveaway with Burlesque Toyshop & Kink, etc., so you could win my favorite butt toy, the gorgeous wooden Nobessence Romp!
An Easter Sinful Sunday post featuring a very naughty Easter bunny
The Bob Prostate Massager is a 10cm long and 3 cm wide prostate massager from the Swedish sex toy hothouse
Review of the Bad Dragon Bruiser dildo in Medium/medium.
I've written a story just for Mr Hyde's eyes. Before he's read it he was acting part of it out. Guess great (or kinky) minds do think alike!